Brissa Del Mar is a driven, passionate, creative thinker specializing in portraits, editorial, and special events photography.

Her motto is, “I was born with a camera in hand,” as she knew from a very young age that photography was her passion. Her career began in editorial and fashion photography, where she discovered her power of creating characters that reflect different emotions and stories. But this is not fiction. These shots are raw, true stories shared with a true audience. Brissa’s passion for human connection and the brisk, “little” moments of life are reflected in her photography. Her photographs evoke a time of connection between beings, the awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.

Brissa, artist statement.

My photography is a reflection of the beauty I see every day through my walk and creation of my life. I see it in everything that exists, I see it in you. Through my photographs, I tell stories that capture the bliss of light, touch our inner soul and evolve our creation of “simply being” in the Here and Now. It is Your Story.